2021 - Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Featured Artist

2022 - Newport Biennial, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI - 2nd Place Award

2022 - Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA - Showcase Spotlight

2022 - Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA - Solo Feature "Sill Life"

2023 - Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA - "Contemporary New England Painters"


From Arch Enemy Arts: With brilliant specificity and careful technique, Mott’s paintings are
meticulously rendered through endless layers of oil glazing. By simply replicating the crisp transparency of a
dragonfly's wing, or the iridescence of a blue bottle’s delicate exoskeleton, his seamless photorealism presents a
deceptive ease. A style that was immediately born at the beginning of the artist’s mere 6 years in painting,
Chil attributes this unique subject as more happenstance than being contrived.

A body of work that has become an unlikely continuation, the series grows:

“I started out with one portrait of a wasp that had met its end trapped inside the back door.
I had no intentions of doing a series, much less 25 (so far) but I was quickly drawn into the grisly world of insect life,
death, and decay. I was initially looking for a subject that would allow me to explore whichever direction
I wanted to take my painting, but it feels as if the subject has directed me more than I have guided it. Like most subject matter,
the further I dig into it the more potential seems to appear.  Some possibilities are more compositional, some emotional
and some more direct. The longer I examine the more I find myself identifying with these bugs. I'm trying to decamp from
the repressive cobwebs in my brain.”

-- writeup by Alexander Medlin II


Studio Tour on Vimeo

Chil was born in New Hampshire and spent his youth in the northeast.
He began working with Greenwood Associates in 1992 as a freelance illustrator and all around lackey.
In 1997 he became a full time art director and designer.
He has been painting since 2016.

He resides on Sakonnet land in RI with his paramour and four rescue dogs.

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